Local education experts share tips on keeping students engaged in virtual learning


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Most children who use their devices for games or movies now have to concentrate on school work while staring at a screen.

Teachers are known for keeping students engaged in the classroom, but keeping their undivided attention may be may be a challenge for students learning virtually.

News13 reached out to Horry County School officials for tips on what both teachers and parents can do to keep kids focused while learning.

Officials say parents can help by creating a designated learning area with very little distractions and have a consistent daily schedule for children to follow. It’s recommended for parents to also monitor their child’s pacing and grades to keep them on track.

Dr. Tiffany Hollis, an education assistant professor at Coastal Carolina University, said it’s expected to see parents touching base with teachers more than ever this year.

“View our parents as partners and also see our students as people,” Dr. Hollis said. “If we work with their parents and create this partnership we can create this successful environment for the student in the midst of this pandemic.”

Dr. Hollis said teachers should have grace with themselves and their students as this is a learning curve for everyone. Horry County School officials shared guidelines that teachers are recommended to follow such as, creating time for students to participate in discussions to feel more included.

Also, being interactive with online platforms such as allowing students to use emojis to respond to certain questions can be fun for them. Dr. Hollis wants teachers to know repetition does not always lead to understanding.

“Repetition is important, but it’s also important to kind of scaffold the learning and see what the students have learned or have retained from the day before,” she explained. “Do it from a perspective of what they already know so that way I’m not boring them. So I’ll go back and touch on it, but I won’t stay on it too long.”

Affirming students on the their accomplishments, big or small, can give them a boost of encouragement as they are adjusting.

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