Local home improvement stores stock up for hurricane season


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Home improvement stores stock up ahead of the 2020 hurricane season and Tropical Storm Isaias.

Generators, inverters, propane tanks, and flashlights are among the big-ticket items flying off shelves to weather the storm.

Customers quickly prepare for the hurricane moving up the east coast on Saturday. Employees at The Home Depot in Myrtle Beach say high demand items are batteries, gas cans, and cases of water.

A Home Depot employee and hurricane preparedness class instructor, Douglas Peterson, says his emergency supplies are ready and is helping others get prepared.

“I make up a kit, I always make a kit up,” Peterson said.

Whether you’re east coast born and breed, or it’s your first hurricane season, experts say it’s time to get your hurricane kits ready and get prepared ahead of the storm.

Peterson has picked up tips, tricks, and advice weathering through decades of hurricanes.

“If you have a burner on the grill, you can make coffee and stuff… if you don’t, it takes a long time to make coffee in the morning,” Peterson said.

Trying to master meals or the perfect cup of joe without electricity starts with having the right hurricane supplies. Peterson recommends a 5000-watt generator.

“Either with the inverter or generator, we can run the TV, lights, refrigerator… and it’s like camping! It is, that’s basically what it’s like, is like camping,” Peterson said.

Peterson keeps a gas can full of an emergency supply for his generators and other equipment. He also has a water heater trick.

“We’ve got an 80-gallon water heater. I go and shut off the water. If we are down to that point, I shut off the water coming in, and I have a hose in the bottom, and I turn on and have 80 gallons of freshwater,” Peterson said.

Peterson says when the power goes out, a little preparation goes a long way, but it’s all about getting ahead. Another piece of advice from Peterson:

“We fill up the bathtub, and we put a bucket in there in case the water goes out, and we can flush the toilet,”

Stocking up on food, fresh water supply, and cash is helpful in order to prepare for a hurricane.

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