Local mainstay giving out window cards to help the community check on one another during the COVID-19 outbreak


SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Everyone who walks into Jerribob’s Mail, Print and Design Center will walk out with a red and green card.

The green card says, “OK” on the front, while the red reads, “HELP”. The cards are designed for people to place in their windows so people in the community can check on one another. Something especially important for the elderly population in our area Rhonda Fussell, the owner of Jerribob’s says.

“We have wonderful elderly people in this area that we love dearly,” Fussell says. “We want to make sure everyone stays safe and stays home. We can do the things you need done.”

Whether it’s picking up groceries or a prescription, Fussell says she wants people to know they are not alone and people are around that want to help.

Fussell says she and Surfside Beach Mayor, Bob Hellyer came up with this idea after seeing a post from a town in North Carolina doing a similar initiative.

In addition to the window cards, Jerribob’s has also opened its’ courier service to the community, instead of solely local businesses. 

“I just picked up literally a greeting card that someone wanted to send to their daughter because they are scared to go out, you know they are in their 80s,”Fussell explained. “They might not have a computer. They might not have social media.”

Aubin Hooker went into Jerribob’s today, left with his cards and the idea of taking this to his neighborhood homeowner’s association.

“It will help ease people’s minds certainly and open lines of communication if nothing else,” Hooker said. “Whether people need the service or not, or whether they think they might or not, you never know.” 

Fussell says if you see a red card in someone’s window, but don’t want to approach their door, just call Jerribob’s.

If you want more information about the courier service or the window cards, you can reach them at 843-215-1338 or jerribobs@yahoo.com. 

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