Local Pee Dee shop sells CBD for pets


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – ‘The WORx CBD and more’ shop in Florence aims to help people as well as animals, by including a new treatment that you might have seen or heard of recently.

Many people have heard about CBD, the market is continuing to expand with all the various products that you see around town.

The owner of the shop, Chris Page, decided to include the new treatment for our furry friends that might need it too.

“A lot of pet owners have become CBD users as well, through what they’ve seen their pets benefit,” said Paige.

Paige explains how some of the benefits could help your animal.

“They are less hyper, for example 4th of July is a really popular time, especially when animals go crazy over the fireworks. Also it’s big on anti-inflammatory, so the older dogs or dogs that have the hip dysplasia can benefit a lot from it too,” said Paige.

For those wondering how to give these treats to your pet at home, “Directly in the mouths, in the food or there’s some options for in the water as well. It really boils down to the individual pet because some dogs will let their owners pet their tongue, but some won’t,” said Paige.

The CBD shop is located on 1749 South Irby Street.

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