FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – Today the City of Florence welcomed a new non-profit group. The Man 2 Man Fatherhood Initiative is a nonprofit organization that focuses on strengthening families… one father at a time. The goal is to help fathers overcome the challenges that come with being a dad.

The program is a six month journey. Perry Redden is three months into the six month program. Redden said the biggest reward of the program is learning how to build a relationship with his children. The first session of the program involves leaning parenting skills.

Since starting the program in March, Redden can see a chance in communication with his children.

“Our communication with each other is better– we spend more time and like to go more places,” explained Redden.

The initiative is committed to empowering men by providing resources for financial stability and promoting healthy relationships.

“It brought me closer to my kids than I already was. It brought me closer to my parents. My siblings… just family and people period,” said Redden.

“They all tell me the program has changed you a lot, in the way you carry yourself as a young man,” Redden adds.

The Man 2 Man fatherhood program is one branch of the South Carolina center for Fathers and Families.

Executive Director, Pat Littlejohn explained how important co-parenting is for uniting families.

Littlejohn said, “A mother parents very differently from a father, but both parents help make that child whole.”

Katie Morgan the South Carolina Director Child Support Services explained why this program is important for children.

“The Department of Social Services, we truly believe that children do better when both parents are in there lives.” Morgan adds, “This program provides healing and hope.”

Man 2 Man is located at 1321West Florence Street Florence, S.C. 29501.

The office number is (843) – 676- 0407