Man arrested after carrying gun and ammo into SC Walmart


SPARTANBURG, SC  – Spartanburg Police were called to the Walmart on E Main St. around 9:30 Wednesday night for a report of a disturbance with a weapon.

The complainant said they saw a man get out of a minivan and walk into Wal-mart with a gun.

Police started interviewing people when they saw a man that matched the suspect description that appeared to be avoiding the officer.

The officer drew their gun and told the suspect to put his hands up when they noticed he was carrying a bag of ammunition.

The officer says they saw they saw a black gun come out from under the man’s jacket and started yelling command to drop the gun.

The man dropped the gun and hot on his knees but didn’t completely get on the ground, according to the officer.

The officer went to handcuff the man and holstered his gun.

The suspect saw the officer holster his gun and tried to run which turned into a scuffle between the officer and the suspect.

The officer says the suspect tried to circle around the minivan to pick up his gun so he used the Tazer on the man.

The first shot with the Tazer was unsuccessful so the officer Tased him again and the suspect went to the ground.

The officer pulled out their gun again until other officers could help with handcuffing the suspect.

The man was identified as Somephone Kenekham.

They say he didn’t have an S.C. concealed weapons permit.

The firearm that was recovered at the scene was a black High Point Model C9 9 mm handgun which had no record.

They say Kenekeham also had a box of 100 9mm Winchester rounds which he had currently bought and opened inside the store to load his firearm.

The firearm was loaded and did have a round in the chamber, according to police.

Kenekham is charged with Resisting Arrest No Assault and Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol, according to the detention center.

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