A man wanted by Horry County Police, who was shot by police in Georgia, is back in South Carolina.  

A J. Rueben Long posting says 23-year-old Jaquan Barnes entered the jail at 5:20 a.m. on December 31, 2018. 

He is facing charges of attempted murder, attempted armed robbery, criminal conspiracy, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and possession of firearms and ammunition. No bail has been set. 

A report from Horry County Police says Barnes was involved in a shooting in Conway in January 2018. That shooting happened on Corbett Drive. Police found a man in his home with two gunshot wounds to the chest. That man was taken to the hospital. Police also found three vehicles had been hit by gunfire as well. 

The victim’s father says he was in bed when he heard the gunfire, then heard the victim walk into the house. He says the victim told him the suspect walked into the yard and asked the victim to sell him marijuana. When the victim agreed, the suspect pulled a handgun and began firing at the victim. the police report says the victim had a gun and began shooting at the suspect. 

The Associated Press reported the Georgia shooting in May 2018. 

Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Nelly Miles told news outlets two Sandy Springs officers opened fire on Barnes, who they say rammed two police vehicles while trying to flee, the AP reported. 

The AP reports Barnes was struck in the hand, and was hospitalized in stable condition. 

Barnes is from Port Royal, SC.