Marion drivers race to fill up their tanks due to gas shortage


MARION, S.C. (WBTW) – The impact of the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack is now being felt in our area. On Monday, drivers in Marion struggled to find gas stations with fuel in stock. One driver said she drove around for over an hour to find a place to fill up and hadn’t seen lines like Monday’s since Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

“It was unbelievable. When I was driving today, I thought it was a catastrophe coming,” Yasheeka Wiggins said, “I’ve seen all these cars waiting and I was like O-M-G I have to fill my tank up.” Cars lined up down the block to fuel up at one Shell station in Marion. Some drivers had been to other gas stations first, only to find that they were empty.

“I tried like two or three more,” Teressa Ellison said, “They were empty. They didn’t have any.” She called her husband as she fueled up and told him to come fill his tank as well. Experts warn against panic buying, but drivers said they weren’t sure when they would be able to get another tank of gas.

“I have to work every day this week,”Kylett Inman said, “So I’m hoping it’ll last me before anything else happens.” Other people in line echoed that sentiment.

“If we didn’t have gas, we’re not going to be able to go to work,” Wiggins said, “We’re not even going to be able to make money to supply food for our kids so this is really important.” The manager of the gas station spent much of the evening directing traffic to the pumps. He said he’s been told another gas delivery will arrive in the morning. In the meantime, cars will continue to line up.

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