Marion woman wins $300K, skips lunch to collect prize


Alpharetta, GA, USA – January 31, 2014 – A large assortment of $1, $2, and $5 Georgia lottery scratch-off tickets. The Georgia lottery uses the proceeds from sales to fund local education.

MARION, S.C. (WBTW) — A Marion woman interrupted her boyfriend’s lunch plans to tell him she’d won $300,000 in the lottery.

He was in line at a drive-thru when the woman called, and he left before placing his order to go see her and her winning lottery ticket. The two skipped lunch and rode together to Columbia to collect her prize money.

“This is life changing and unbelievable,” the winner told South Carolina Education Lottery officials.

She says she was at home when she remembered the $5 Mega Bucks ticket she’d bought at Sawyers Convenience Store at 930 Hwy. 501 S. in Marion was out in her car.

The woman went out to there car to get the ticket, and before scratching it thought “I’m not going to win.” She was luckier than she thought.

As for lunch, it was put off until dinner. “We didn’t eat until that night, and we weren’t even hungry,” the winner said.

The Marion player overcame odds of 1 in 780,000 to leave four top prizes of $300,000 remaining in the $10 Mega Bucks game.

Sawyers Convenience Store in Marion received a commission of $3,000 for selling the claimed ticket.

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