BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – The Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office says they arrested 30 people after an operation that targeted known drug areas in the county.

According to a press release from Sgt. Jamie Seales with the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office, the operation consisted of both surveillance and traffic stops and was conducted with help from SLED, the SC Department of Natural Resources, SC Highway Patrol, McColl Police Department and Bennettsville Police Department.

Sgt. Seales says offenses ranged from traffic violations, narcotics violations, weapons violations as well as violent offenses. Law enforcement officials seized large quantities of marijuana, prescription pills, cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and a stolen gun. Fugitives wanted in other jurisdictions were also arrested during the investigation.

Arrests are as follows:

  • Dequan Henderson 29 years old       Laurinburg, NC
  • Kish Russell 27 years old       Laurinburg, NC
  • Brock Rush 27 years old       Laurinburg, NC
  • Aliyah Hunt 21 years old       Laurinburg, NC
  • Bobby Williams 48 years old Bennettsville, SC
  • Ronald McLeod 55 years old Bennettsville, SC
  • James Osborne 19 years old Pleasant Garden, NC
  • Logon Osborne 21 years old       Greensboro, NC
  • Butch Huffman 23 years old Gibsonville, NC
  • Malik Gomez 22 years old       Greensboro, NC
  • Donial Ford 40 years old       Spring Lake, NC
  • Quenterion Purvis 23 years old       Bennettsville, SC
  • Buford Caulder 46 years old McColl, SC
  • Chase Schroeder 19 years old       Winston Salem, NC
  • Dusty Covington 19 years old       Rockingham, NC
  • Mekayla Sayre 19 years old       Winston Salem, NC
  • Roger Murray 50 years old       Charlotte, NC
  • James Chavis 25 years old       Laurinburg, NC
  • Dartagnan Surratt 17 years old       Winston Salem, NC
  • Paul Teague II 18 years old       Hickory, NC
  • Shantique Wilkerson 26 years old Laurinburg, NC
  • Phillip Johnson 18 years old Greensboro, NC
  • Leroy Koonce 25 years old       Fayetteville, NC
  • Leanna Smith 24 years old       Fayetteville, NC
  • Jason Jackson 35 years old       Bennettsville, SC
  • Wallter Tedder 47 years old       Spring Lake, NC
  • Trey Martin 18 years old       Hickory, NC
  • Titorell Townsend II 23 years old       Bennettsville, SC
  • Terry Douglas Sr 27 years old       Bennettsville, SC
  • Timothy Anderson 44 years old       Clio, SC

“I would like to thank my Investigations and Patrol unit for assembling and making this operation successful. I also want to extent a thanks to the outside agencies that assisted us in this effort. We have received a lot of complaints and information from the public about areas of the county and these are some of the areas we worked hard in. Please feel free to continue to call with tips and information and it will be kept confidential,” said Sheriff Charles Lemon.