BENNETTSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) – The superintendent of Marlboro County Schools, Dr. Gregory A. McCord, has announced he plans to reimburse the district after he was placed on administrative leave.

McCord admitted that he allowed the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, of which he is a member, to operate on the property of Bennettsville Intermediate School without first speaking to the Marlboro County Board of Education. 

The district was paying the utilities for this building that sat behind the actual school building.

“Let me be clear, I did not violate any board policies,” McCord said in a statement. “However, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to keep my board of trustees informed in a timely manner about any business regarding the district — which includes properties.”

McCord was placed on leave for nine days with pay while the district investigated the situation.

McCord says he wants to give the money back. “I was brought up to believe that if you make a mistake, you own it,” McCord said.

“With that said, I plan to personally reimburse the district for the nine days at my daily rate. Although this was not requested nor suggested by the board, I believe this to be fair and appropriate with respect to my time away from serving as superintendent of Marlboro County School District.”

On August 31, News13 asked a Marlboro County School District spokesperson what the Omega Psi Phi building was being used for. A spokesperson told News13 the building “is used for nothing, but hopefully soon after COVID ends, it will be used for mentoring students from BIS.”

When News13 followed up with additional questions about the facility following the September 13 board meeting, the spokesperson directed News13 to McCord.

On September 14, the Omega Psi Phi mobile unit was dismantled.