‘Masks are important’: Health experts break down which masks work best


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Health experts say some masks are more effective than others when it comes to slowing the spread of coronavirus.

Masks are used to prevent harmful respiratory droplets from being released which lowers the chance of being infected.

Dr. Gerald Harmon, Family Medicine Specialist with Tidelands Health, says disposable masks and cloth masks are most effective. N95 masks are also effective, but are recommended more for medical workers.

“Masks are important, not so much to protect me from breathing in germs, but protect my germs from being breathed out and infecting other people in my vicinity,” Dr. Harmon explained. “If both of us are wearing it then we’ve got double protection.”

According to Dr. Harmon, discarding a disposable mask after each use isn’t necessary. He recommends checking for multiple layers of fabric before wearing a cloth mask.

Although bandannas and neck gaiters may feel less constricting they aren’t as effective. If a mask isn’t layered with enough material, germs can easily be released or inhaled.

Dr. Harmon said some type of face covering is better than nothing at all. He also urges everyone to wash their hands and watch their distance around others.


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