Moorer trial enters day 10 as Tammy Moorer testifies, trial to continue Monday


On Friday, Tammy Moorer’s testimony wrapped for day 10.

She is facing conspiracy to kidnap and kidnapping charges in connection to the 2013 disappearance of Heather Elvis.

At one point during the trial, Tammy appeared emotional, talking about her father, who passed away while she was in jail. She also described Heather Elvis as a nice girl.

Some parts of her testimony were shocking, and there were even gasps heard in the courtroom.

When the defense finished their questioning, Tammy Moorer said she wants people to know the truth, Elvis to be found, and that she believes her case was botched.

Tammy testified she found out Sidney was having an affair on November 1, 2013. She said Sidney lead her to believe it was with a man, and she didn’t find out the affair was with Heather Elvis until the next day, when Elvis called Sidney’s phone and she spoke to her on the phone. Tammy also said her impression of Elvis softened after speaking to her.

“I was angry with Sidney for 72 hours, then I was over it, it may not sound possible but it was,” Tammy said.

She also testified that on December 18, 2013, she didn’t know anything happened to Heather Elvis. Moorer further testified that she had no knowledge of Sidney calling Elvis from a pay phone hours before her disappearance and that she never went to Peachtree boat landing in the early morning hours of Dec. 18, 2013, which is where Elvis abandoned car was found.

The defense showed Tammy a picture an investigator took of a camper on her property, and the investigator previously testified to seeing a shot gun shell casing, concrete mix, and some sort of cleaner.

During cross examination, the prosecution brought up how Moorer says she was over the affair in 72 hours and pointed out a text Tammy sent her friend a month after the affair, where said she hated Sidney.

Tammy says sometimes she still hates him now.

Her testimony will continue Monday morning.

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