Murder warrants issued for wanted suspect, female accomplice after man found dead in Chester County


CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- The Chester County Sheriff’s Office says they have obtained murder warrants for a suspect wanted in connection to a South Carolina man’s death. A warrant has also been obtained for the victim’s wife.

Officials say Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson are being charged in the murder of Eugene “Geno” Simpson, Adrienne’s husband. Officials say Geno and Adrienee were separated.

More recent photo of Tyler Terry

His body was found in a ditch Wednesday night. His mom reported him missing on May 2.

She told FOX 46 that was the day Adrienne picked her son up and they drove off in her car. That was the last time she ever saw him.

Terry was released from the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Horry County on April 9 after being charged with third-degree domestic violence and simple possession of marijuana after being arrested on April 1 by Myrtle Beach police.

SC manhunt for multi-state murder suspect continues into day 4 

Another family member confirmed Adrienne and Tyler Terry were dating.

Terry, wanted in connection to four murders across two states, has been on the run in Chester County since Monday when the Sheriff’s Office says he fired shots at deputies, striking one cruiser. Simpson was driving the car Terry was in, and led deputies on a 30-mile high-speed chase.

The chase ended in a crash and Terry ran off into the woods. Adrienne Simpson was taken into custody and charged with failure to stop for blue lights.

Neighbors in Chester County have been advised to be on the lookout and keep their doors locked as officials say they are sure that Terry remains at-large in the area.

More than 100 law enforcement officers join in the manhunt for an accused multi-state killer. FBI and ATF agents have flown in from around the country to join this manhunt.

“We’re confident that he’s still here, but of course we have to be extra careful,” Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey said. “Our strategy at this point is we have are saturating this area, as much as we’ve saturated this area, we’re doing it more and more, with increased people–and not just people–we’re utilizing experts that are the best in this country at finding people in this terrain.”

The sheriff said he didn’t expect it to take this long to find Terry.

“This isn’t the movies. This isn’t Tommy Lee Jones searching for somebody in a culvert. This is real life this is real situation,” Sheriff Max Dorsey said. “We’re talking about an extremely dangerous person who we know is armed, who has shot at police who has murdered other individuals in multiple states. We’re not going to make any assumptions here. We have been preparing for the worst we have been building up our resources as they can get here.”

Sheriff Dorsey added that Terry is as violent a person as he’s ever encountered and they’ve had to change their tactics a bit, finding out for sure that he’s armed after he was caught on video stealing a gun from the work vehicle at a local business the other night.

CrimeStoppers has raised the reward for information leading an arrest from $1,000 to $2,000 and the FBI has added $10,000 to that reward. The total is now $12,000.

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