MUSC Health Florence introduces a new robotic surgical system


FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — On Friday, MUSC Health Florence introduced it’s new robotic surgical system called the da Vinci Xi robot.

This new tool allows surgeons to perform less invasive surgery in a more advanced way than traditional laparoscopic surgery. Robotic surgeries currently offered:

  • Gallbladder Cholecystectomy
  • Hernia- Complex, recurrent, inguinal, ventral, epigastric (umbilical/incisional) unilateral, bilateral
  • Complex abdominal wall- flank hernias, diastasis recti
  • Emergency General surgery

“Anything we can do in the abdomen laparoscopically; we can also do robotically,” Dr. Hatem Abdallah, General Surgeon says.

Dr. Hatem Abdallah, MUSC Health Florence General Surgeon, says he has been a specialists in robotic surgery for almost 7 years along with specializing in general laparoscopic. With his hand and eye coordination he is able to control the robot system while making small and precise incisions into the patients abdomen.

In Friday’s demonstration, Dr. Abdallah showed News13 on an orange just how the da Vinci Xi robot allows him to work on his patients who experience abdominal issues such as colon cancers or hernias and need surgery.

“Traditionally hernias are done in an open fashion and that consists of about an 8inch incision on their belly whereas with this we can perform the same operation, the same technically sound and safe operation through small little incisions and the patient goes home in a significantly short amount of time with little to no narcotic use at all,” Abdallah says.

Another benefit from the robotic system is called the Firefly, which is a harmless, non-radioactive fluorescent dye that’s inserted into the patient. This allows the surgeon to know where areas of high blood flow so that the surgeon won’t cut that area.

“As a surgeon I want to avoid that and what the Firefly allows you to do in addition to all of the optics of the robot is that it shows you exactly where to go and where not to go in real time,” Abdallah says.

Abdallah continued with saying that it is important for people and potential patients to do their research on this new system, as not everyone is eligible for the procedure.

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