MYR remains open during Tropical Storm Isaias, vacationers arrive before storm


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach vacationers arrive on Sunday just ahead of Tropical Storm Isaias.

The Myrtle Beach International airport will remain open throughout the Tropical Storm Isaias. Airlines will have the option to delay or cancel a scheduled flight.

Most people landing at the airport had one thing on their mind: a summer vacation. Passengers flying into Myrtle Beach weren’t worried about the weather conditions. Most visitors said they’ve weathered through similar situations before.

“Originally, we had a cruise booked for my 30th birthday,” Dana Leefers, a Myrtle Beach vacationer said.

COVID-19 canceled the original plans to getaway on a cruise for the group of friends. Myrtle Beach was the next vacation destination on the list.

Running into inclement weather on special occasions isn’t a first for Dana Leefers and her husband.

“There was a hurricane on our honeymoon. So, we will get through it. It will be fine,” Leefers said.

The two Illinois couples joined the several others traveling to Myrtle Beach from the north unaware or not concerned about the storm.

“We’re from Michigan, so we get snow and go through it all. A little water isn’t going to hurt,” Aliyah Owens, another vacationer said.

There’s much uncertainty about the tropical storm heading up the east coast. If Myrtle Beach gets hit, vacationers may have to replan their next couple of days.

“We are hoping to do some golfing and some fishing, and hopefully it doesn’t completely hinder us from doing any of that,” Caleb Spangler, a vacationer said.

While weather conditions aren’t a concern for visitors, neither is the thought of canceling plans for first-time vacationers. Vacationers say they came to experience Myrtle Beach’s golf courses and beaches.

In a worst-case scenario, the couple says they came prepared if they have to stay inside. The group of friends may not have brought hurricane supplies, but they’re prepared with board games.

“We brought horse races, Ship Captain Crew, a bunch of dice games,” Leefers said.

Canceling the 30-year birthday celebration was not a consideration for the group.

“No, we were all in. So, we’ll see what happens,” Spangler said.

Travelers should visit their airline’s website to check for any travel advisories. Airport staff said they are not aware of any flight cancellations due to storm or weather circumstances at this time. Count on News13 for the latest tropical storm coverage.

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