MYR sees record breaking June 8th year in a row


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – In June the Myrtle Beach International Airport saw their traffic increase by more than 8% than last year.

Kirk Lovell of MYR says more than 330,000 people traveled in and out of airport gates.

“What it really means is that the destination is very strong. People want to come to the market, but also people wanting to fly out of our airport and go somewhere else,” said Lovell, “So inbound and outbound traffic is really good.”

The airport currently has nine different airlines and non-stop flights to nearly 50 different markets.

MYR also has some of the cheapest airfares on average in the entire country.

“What’s happening is because all the non-stop service, the low fairs, we’re starting to pull people from a further distance in the region to fly out of this airport,” said Lovell.

Passenger numbers have doubled since 2012.

Efforts to keep up with demand are constant. The airport is looking for new ways to maximize customer experience.

Negotiations are currently underway to add a Starbucks and a bar.

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