MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – The Myrtle Beach International Airport set a record for passenger traffic with more than half a million total passengers in July, the highest monthly passenger count ever recorded at an airport in the history of South Carolina.

Total passenger traffic, which includes both arriving and departing passengers, totaled 547,933, a 49.1% increase from 367,620 passengers in July 2019, MYR’s previous best July on record. The number of people arriving on flights in July totaled 274,709 compared to 185,485 in 2019.

“This is an incredible win for the Myrtle Beach International Airport,” said Scott Van Moppes
Director of Airports. “Not only was MYR the busiest airport in the state for two consecutive
months, MYR saw the highest passenger counts ever recorded in an airport in South Carolina.”

Van Moppes says the new records are a testament to how great Myrtle Beach is as a destination and how high the demand for travel to and from Myrtle Beach has become.

“The entire airport team, including airline staff and TSA have been doing an incredible job of working hard
to keep the huge volumes of passengers flowing.”

Heavy passenger traffic is expected at MYR for the remainder of the summer. Passengers are
reminded that masks are required in the terminal.

Also, anyone traveling Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. should consider arriving 2-3 hours prior to departure. Arriving passengers can avoid lengthy waits for ground transportation by arranging ground transportation prior to arriving at MYR.