Myrtle Beach area waterparks face staff shortages, still hiring as busy summer season continues


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Lazarus Entertainment Group, the group that owns three water and theme parks in the Myrtle Beach area, said they’re still experiencing a worker shortage.

Mark Lazarus, the president of Lazarus Entertainment Group said despite the worker shortage, they’re having a great summer. Lazarus Entertainment Group owns Myrtle Waves, Broadway Grand Prix, and Wild Water and Wheels.

“I think there are more people in Myrtle Beach than I’ve ever seen. I’ve been here for 45 years and the beaches are full as I’ve ever seen, so it’s great, it works out for us,” Lazarus said.

With fewer people vacationing in 2020, Lazarus said he’s glad to see the numbers up again.  “We still ran at about 50 percent of what we generally run and this year we’re back to 2019 numbers, which is fantastic,” Lazarus said.

Lazarus said the worker shortage for them is due to the delay of the J-1 visa visitor exchange program. “We always fill in with j-1 visas and a lot of them didn’t come this year, and earlier on we had some issues with some of our providers so we probably lost, between all three of our parks, lost about 110 workers.”

Lazarus said, “We’ve had to alter some hours at our other operations and some things, but a lot of local kids have come out, doing great and we’re glad to have them. We probably got 110, 120 local high school kids and college students who have been trained as lifeguards for us.”

Brayden Skipper, a lifeguard at Myrtle Waves, said, “Gets you out of the house, gives you a nice tan and it’s just overall fun, it’s a good job.”

Lazarus said they’re still hiring for lifeguards and all staff positions. Starting pay is $12 an hour.

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More information on available jobs and how to apply, go to Myrtle Waves website here.

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