MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – It’s an interstate that could take you from Michigan all the way to the Grand Strand, and it’s an idea we’ve seen on paper for years.

Now, it’s something Brad Dean with the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce says needs to become reality.

“29,000 jobs, more tourism, increasing wages, bringing new industry, and saving lives in the event of a hurricane. That’s why we’ve been working on this road for more than 30 years,” said Dean.

Mike Wooten with SCDOT says the US Army Corps of Engineers is accepting input from you.

“Let’s just say we were able to get the permit in the next 90 days, we could literally be pushing dirt on the road in two years,” said Wooten.

That’s why the chamber says it’s making the effort now.

“We have aggressively encouraged any and all chamber members, ambassadors to reach out to their families, friends, neighbors and let them know now is the time final step in the approval process,” said Dean.

In the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce office, on its website, and maybe even over the phone, you may be asked to write a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers because Dean says it’s something this area needs.

“This road is not just for the tourists. This road will bring new jobs, and jobs with higher wages, it will provide an evacuation route, and it will elevate congestion on highway 501 because many of the tourists will be traveling on the interstate. So, if you want to see less congestion, more jobs, higher wages, and safer travel, I-73 is your answer.”

If the permit is issued for this project, plans will have to be finalized with a tolling company before they can officially start.

Whether you’re for the project or against it, you can voice your opinion by writing a letter to the address below:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Charleston District, Columbia Field Office

1835 Assembly Street, Suite 865 B-1 Columbia, SC 29201

Attn: Stephen A. Brumagin, Project Manager