Myrtle Beach considers selling 140 acres of land to two campground sites


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The city of Myrtle Beach looks to sell 140 acres of land on the oceanfront to the two campground sites who have been leasing it for years.

The two campground sites, Lakewood Camping Resort and Pirateland, have been leasing the land from the city of Myrtle Beach and have since built homes on the property.

The current lease agreement expires in February 2020; the city and the businesses are trying to find a solution so the people who have homes on the property can stay there.

City officials are considering eventually selling the land to the two campground sites to solve the issue.

“We’re talking now, and this seems to be the direction of the conversation, but the campground and the city would do a new five year lease beginning in February, run for five years, and then at some point during that period the campground and the city has talked about doing a longer term arrangement that likely would involve the sale of that property,” Mark Kruea, city spokesperson said.

City council hopes to vote on a new plan for the land at the next council meeting.

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