Myrtle Beach declares Labor Day weekend as ‘extraordinary event’


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach City Council declared Labor Day weekend an “extraordinary event.”

That declaration gives Myrtle Beach police more options like restricting traffic, asking for outside help and temporarily closing businesses thought to be a risk to public safety.

Designating the weekends and other events as extraordinary gives the police chief and city manager the authority to temporarily close businesses when it is necessary to ensure public safety. This would only happen after the failure of at least one effort to achieve compliance.

The declaration also authorizes the city manager to impose a curfew in certain areas to “maintain public safety and good order.”

The proposed ordinance also would allow the police chief to temporarily close a business when necessary to “insure the safety of the public.” It would also authorize the city manager to impose a curfew in certain areas as necessary “to maintain public safety and good order.

Council previously declared Memorial Day weekend and weekends in the summer as extraordinary events in an attempt to prevent crime on the oceanfront. This came after two consecutive weekends of shootings, large crowds, parties and fights along Ocean Boulevard in June.

City of Myrtle Beach Police Administrative Captain Joey Crosby said they’ll have people assisting with their information phone lines. Those with questions about the traffic restrictions can call 843-918-INFO.

Police posted a link of an interactive traffic map of Ocean Boulevard for the weekend.

Police are authorized to take the following steps:

 Request assistance from the federal, state and other local governments.

·         Hire additional law enforcement officers and event staff personnel.

·         Resolve questions of authority and responsibility of such personnel.

·         Require businesses in designated areas to employ private security officers.

·         Utilize public or private property when there is compelling necessity for the protection of lives, health and welfare.

·         Facilitate non-consensual towing of vehicles, golf carts, mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, and any other conveyance; and to authorize sole source wrecker service from the City’s approved rotation list to act as the sole agent for towing/storing and processing stolen motor vehicles located and seized by Law Enforcement during the event. 

·         Require the temporary cessation of the operation of businesses within the City from 11 pm, to 6 am (unless circumstances compel otherwise).

·         Temporarily divert pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

·         Establish and enforce no cruising zones, and a temporary cruising prohibition.

·         Adjust park hours as necessary to enforce the peace and protect residents and guests.

·         Further modify the above golf carts and moped restrictions as circumstances dictate.

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