Myrtle Beach first recipient in South Carolina of new radiation technology for cancer patients


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — GenesisCare held an event at the Radiation Oncology Center in Myrtle Beach where they unveiled a new radiation treatment that will help combat all types of cancers.

Myrtle Beach is the first South Carolina recipient of this new radiation technology and the Carolina Regional Cancer Center in Myrtle Beach will house it.

“The new technology that we have coming is a Halcyon linear accelerator, which allows us to deliver radiation pinpoint targeted treatment to the exact site where the cancer is and so we’re able to spare the surrounding organs any dose and that means lesser side effects or no side effects”, said Dr. Patrick Francke, a Myrtle Beach radiation oncologist with the Carolina Regional Cancer Center.

Dr. Francke added that it’s safer and, “It also means lesser number of treatments so many of our patients will be fortunate to have a very short course of treatment with very few or no side effects with actually better treatment outcomes for their cancer.”

The CEO and Founder of GenesisCare, Dan Collins said Myrtle Beach was picked for the first site in South Carolina to have this because of the growing number of patients with cancer in the region.

“We felt it was important that you could access that care in this region and not just the large cities,” said Collins.

“We do have a very high specific of geriatric population and unfortunately a lot of cancers tend to occur as we get older so we certainly have a need and I think we not only want to be reactive but proactive when avoiding the developments of cancers,” said Dr. Neal Shore with Atlantic Urology Clinic.

According to a press release from GenesisCare, the company plans to spend nearly $1.2 million on advanced technology in the Carolina region.

Collins said with the pandemic going on, it’s important now more than ever that this technology is available.

“What we’re seeing is delays for patients accessing their care and also we’re seeing an increase in later stages of disease which is harder to treat so more than ever we need to make sure people in the community can get that care,” Collins said.

Dr. Francke added that “Cancer does not know about a pandemic, cancer does not wait and these cancers are cancers that are life-threatening. Throughout the pandemic we have taken the precautions necessary to minimize the risk to the patient and their families but at the same time their cancer needs to be treated.”

Dr. Francke said the new radiation technology will be available for patients at the Carolina Regional Cancer Center in Myrtle Beach in a few weeks.

More information on the Halcyon machines can be found here.

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