Myrtle Beach Speedway reopens for final events before selling venue


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Myrtle Beach Speedway hosted its first event this weekend since closing gates during the coronavirus. Fans were welcomed back on Friday for the Seventh Annual Myrtle Beach Nationals Truck Car and Bike three day event.

It’s a show that car and truck enthusiasts say must go on.

“I put my name all over it, there’s a lot of detail in the truck. I like turning around when I park it and reminding myself what’s in it,” Chris Lavish, a truck owner said.

Dedication is unveiled as hundreds of customized vehicles show up throughout the weekend. Owners hope to catch the judge’s eye.

The competition is the speedway’s first rescheduled event since the coronavirus forced the venue to close the gates. It’s also one of last before the half-century-old speedway is sold.

“We have been doing this so long and obviously with the sale of the speedway coming up to be able to get this in because this has been a staple event in town for us for 7 years,” Steve Zacharias, Myrtle Beach Speedway General Manager said.

The outdoor event allows fans to park, shine cars before judges walk by to score, and admire other
vehicles while staying socially distant.

Chris Lavish was one of the hundreds of vehicle owners on Sunday taking pride in their customized vehicle.

“Lavish was a name given to me by my friends growing up, they just saw how I was living they just started calling me ‘Lavish’,” Lavish said.

The 20-inch lift, customized suspension, rims, 42-inch tires set his truck apart from the competition, Lavish says.  The nickname translated to his truck’s creativity. A top prize considers quality, character, and features, like Chris’s “Lavish” engravings.

“To see the excitement of everyone getting to show off their vehicle, clean their trucks, and hang out with their buddies its a great event,” Zacharias said.

Fans and enthusiasts say the normalicy feels good.

“I didn’t come here to win anything I just wanted to come to socialize with people that take pride in their builds just as much as I do,” Lavish said.

It’s a premier event celebrated better late than never.

“For it to be gone I think people are eager to get here one last time and enjoy the thing they like the most at the speedway,” Zacharias said.

The Myrtle Beach Speedway will stay busy the next four weeks, Zacharias said. The Annual Horry County Fair will be held in July. He mentioned the fair is one of the last events before the venue is sold. Social distancing is encouraged.

Upcoming Myrtle Beach Speedway events:

  • June 20th and 21st – Monster Trucks Beach Devastation Show
  • June 27th- Weekly Race
  • July 3rd – 12th, 2020 – 5th Annual Horry County Fair
  • July 11th- Weekly Race

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