Myrtle Beach approves first reading of temporary license suspensions, allowing businesses to re-open after violating city laws


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Council has passed the first reading of a proposal to allow temporary suspension of business licenses as a tool to help businesses re-open after violating city laws.

Myrtle Beach City Council met on Tuesday to discuss a new plan to help businesses re-open after violating city laws.

This effort will allow temporary license suspensions in order to address violations. The current business license ordinance requires a business to shut down if found violating city laws.

For that reason, the city has been hesitant to issue suspensions. “It’s more of a flexible goal so, that we can offer an education process for businesses,” city councilman John Krajc said.

Some violations include not reporting change in business address within 10 days or not remitting hospitality fees on time.

Krajc believes this plan will not only help business owners, but also the city of Myrtle Beach. “We can work together in collaboration with businesses to make sure they understand the rules and so that we can make sure those rules are followed for the betterment of our community,” Krajc explained.

If found in violation, business owners would have more time to submit an approval plan in order to restore their license. Approval plans will vary based on the violation.

“This really good business had until early July to appeal, and they weren’t able to make that deadline. So therefore, they still remained closed,” Krajc explained. “Whereas, with this, there’s much more flexibility with the business licence department so that we can get these businesses back open and being productive generators for the community.”

Permanent business revocation is possible depending on the type of violation.


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