MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Our Kids Create is a local art studio in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Their daily goal is to motivate children to be inspired for their future in education and creativity. 

Our Kids Create has several programs created to aid the advances of children each day such as tutoring, educational field trips, a chance to meet with people in different career fields and an after school program. 

The daily schedules consist of hands-on activities that allow children to develop skills that can transform into different types of career paths.

The owner Jennifar Foxworth believes that traditional school does not introduce kids to different careers and creativity early enough.

Some of the professions the kids have been able to learn about and interact with are doctors, firefighters, fisherman, photographers and news reporters. 

Foxworth said she started the program because she saw parents in the area needed the extra support for their kids during the pandemic. 

Parents were afraid that their kids would fall behind in school because of virtual learning and the uncertainties of the school year. 

Foxworth said she saw an alarming amount of low in-come families who were concerned  that they did not have the resources or supplies to help their child stay academically on track and she wants to make sure that all kids in the area get the same educational opportunities and assistance. 

“We have inner city kids who need a daily place to play, create, and envision their futures. Since they can’t afford tuition independently, the program sponsors a day of care,” Foxworth said. 

Foxworth started a go-fund me page to cover the tuition of underprivileged children so that they can join Our Kids Creates after school program for more than just one day a week.

“I want to get as many kids in here as we can for tutoring, homework assistance , and just a snack and love if that’s what they need,” Foxworth said.