INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN) — A mother of four and an ER doctor were both allegedly killed by the same driver just three weeks apart from each another in Indianapolis, according to court documents.

Kelli Anderson, 55, was charged on Friday with one count of reckless homicide and six counts of criminal recklessness in the crash that took the life of 28-year-old Kiana Burns.

According to court documents, police officers out to a multi-vehicle accident found eight vehicles involved in a crash and a woman suffering from serious injuries.

According to witness testimony, Anderson was driving a Lincoln SUV that smashed into stopped vehicles. Anderson told officers she had been traveling north and tried to avoid the vehicles by veering to the left.

A witness said Anderson was traveling 50 to 60 mph when she drove over the median and barreled into traffic waiting at a red light.

Court documents identify Burns as the driver of the first vehicle Anderson hit a 2009 Pontiac G6 that was shoved into a Toyota Corolla and a Subaru Forester.

“She was my best friend,” Burns’ mother, Denise Gatling, said. “We talked a lot every single day. She called me about an hour and a half before the accident, and I told her I loved her at the end of that call.”

After the crash, Gatling said her daughter was on life support and never moved or even opened her eyes. Two days later, she took her daughter off life support and donated her organs.

“This was totally preventable,” Gatling said. “It shouldn’t [have] happened.”

When police talked to Anderson at the hospital after the accident, she reportedly told officers that she was taking daily medication, including Topamax, due to having “severe, life-threatening allergies and epilepsy.”

When officers asked Anderson if she had been suffering from allergies prior to the crash, she reportedly told police, “Honestly, I blacked out, ’cause I don’t remember what happened.”

Detectives connect Anderson to other cases

During their investigation, detectives discovered that Anderson had been involved in another deadly crash just three weeks earlier.

Police said Anderson was driving on May 19 when she crossed the center line and drove up onto a sidewalk. Investigators said she hit Dr. Brian Dillman during one of his daily walks. He later died at an area hospital.

Court documents reveal that Anderson was discharged the day after the crash with a summary that read: “neurology explained to the patient that she is at high risk of harm to herself and/or others and that she should not drive for 6 months until cleared by a neurologist.”

The medical records stated that Anderson gave a verbal understanding to this summary.

Kiana Burns, left, and Dr. Brian Dillman, right. (Images courtesy Denise Gatling and Franciscan Health)

“This is two people killed within three weeks of each other,” Gatling said. “It’s insane. It’s crazy.”

Investigators said Anderson has had at least five other at-fault crashes since August 2019.

On Friday, she was charged in the crash that killed Kiana. However, she is not facing charges in the crash that took the life of Dr. Dillman.

Gastling said she hopes Anderson is eventually charged in his death as well.

Kiana left behind four children, one of whom was born just last year. Denise said the children miss their mother and that her death has devastated the family.

“It’s hard, it’s hard to watch them deal with their grief and me having to deal with mine only when I can,” Gatling said. “We definitely got robbed. They got robbed. I got robbed.”

Anderson is set to be in court for her initial hearing on Tuesday.

We reached out to the Dillman family for comment but have not heard back.