Chase Bank tried to be funny on Twitter. It didn’t go well.


Chase Bank is the target of some tough social media backlash for a tweet it was forced to delete on Monday.

The bank was attempting to be funny with a MondayMotivation Twitter hashtag, but apparently many people with low bank accounts weren’t laughing.

The tweet was an apparent attempt at encouraging customers to save a few dollars by cutting unnecessary expenses.

Chase responded — thanking Twitter users for feedback and pledged to be more sensitive on social media in the future. 

The tweet apparently read: 

“You: why is my balance so low

Bank account: make coffee at home

Bank account: eat the food that’s already in the fridge

Bank account: you don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks

You: I guess we’ll never know

Bank account: seriously?


Although the tweet has been deleted, the Twitterverse was quick to step in with several screenshots of the tweet along with never-ending comments. 

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