Dad speaks on son’s recovery after mom allegedly faked the boy’s illness


TAHLEQUAH, OK (KOKH/KTUL/CNN/WBTW) – A father in Oklahoma is speaking out about his son’s recovery after the boy’s mother allegedly faked the 10-year-old’s illness and gave him drugs he never needed.

Charles York wishes he would have done something, anything, to have stopped what happened to his son.

“I would never have guessed in a million years that any of this was happening,” said York. “Guess I didn’t ask enough of the questions that I should have asked.”

He’s now filled with regret after finding out his 10-year-old boy had been suffering from alleged abuse for years by his ex-wife.

All of it happening at this property outside of Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

“I just took the advice that I was given cause I trusted it, I didn’t. I had no reason to question it. I won’t make that mistake again,” York said. “I would never have thought anyone could have done anything wrong to him.”

Police arrested Kasie Keys in august for Munchausen by Proxy, a syndrome where a parent makes up symptoms in order to get attention.

The boy’s health declined after the couple divorced in 2012 and during the next six years, he would wind up in a wheelchair and on oxygen.

Last year tv station KOKH was there as keys and her son left for Branson on a free trip.

Donna Boswell is an expert on medical child abuse.

“It’s going to have lifelong implications for the victims,” Boswell said. “Often these are perfectly healthy children before this process starts.”

She heads up child impact projects, aimed at preventing child trauma, and while she says there are red flags, they can be hard to notice.

“They enjoy duping the doctors, there’s often financial gain,” Boswell said.

Which is why York feels so guilty.

“Seeing him to be able to be happy and be a kid is the best thing I have seen in a long time,” York said.

York now has custody and says his boy has made a 180.

Keys has since bonded out of jail. She is expected back in court for her preliminary hearing next month.


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