Dog makes 57-mile journey back to her old home


LAWSON, Mo. — Cleo was homeward bound, but she wound up nearly 60 miles away from her home at the house her family used to live at in Lawson, Missouri, KMBC reports. 

The 4-year-old Labrador feels right at home on the front porch. “She wouldn’t let us quite come near her,” Michael said.

The only thing is, it’s not her front porch anymore and hasn’t been for nearly two years.

“November 2018, we moved in,” Colton Michael said. Michael had Cleo checked for a microchip.

“Britney said, ‘That’s the people that used to live here,’” he said.

As it turns out, Cleo’s owners had posted on Facebook a week earlier about the missing dog. They couldn’t believe it when Michael called and said Cleo had walked home.

“It’s the most bizarre story. Really, she’s everything to us and to my mother,” said Drew, Cleo’s owner.

It is 57 miles door-to-door from Olathe to Lawson, and neither family knows exactly how Cleo made the trip.

“That’s a hike for anybody,” Michael said.

Michael said they were not surprised that Cleo was scared. “She finds her way home, and there’s some strangers living in it. That would be scary for anybody,” Michael said.

“It just feels really good to be reunited with her,” Drew said.

“Now that we know who she belongs to, if she pops up again, we know who to call,” Michael said.

Both said they may never know anything about her journey. The dog would have had to cross the river at some point to get back home.

“It’s a mystery, something we will probably never know,” Michael said.

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