ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — A six pound, furry, and sneaky “cat” burglar has been scouring his neighborhood in Central Pennsylvania every night for his greatest treasure: SHOES!

The cat, named Jordan, travels up to seven miles nightly on his journey to collect the shoes residents have forgotten outside and brings them home to his human, BJ Ross.

Ross said the collection of shoes has grown to over 50 and funnier yet, Jordan routinely brings back the completed pair. If one night he only gets one shoe, the next he brings back the second.

Ross created a Facebook group that has now eclipsed 2,000 members in about a week.

People from across the country follow along with Jordan’s journey and collection of shoes. To keep track of Jordan’s nightly exploits, Ross put a GPS tracker on his collar and installed a camera in her backyard.

The footage has caught Jordan dragging shoes into the yard and even scaling the fence.

Here’s a post from the group “Jordan” on Facebook of Jordan bringing a shoe into the yard.

Ross finds joy in the entertainment people are getting out of Jordan and the bright spot on the internet that the page has become.

Ross has continued to collect the shoes brought back by Jordan and posts pictures in the Facebook group.

If a neighbor sees that their missing sneakers have been taken by this feline felon, they can message Ross to get them back.