Fla. school sends 6-year-old to mental hospital without parent’s knowledge, attorney says


JACKSONVILLE, Florida (WJXT) — An elementary school sent a six-year-old special needs child to a mental health facility without a parent’s knowledge, according to the family attorney. And the footage was caught on camera by a police officer’s body cam.

The bodycam footage shows the 6-year-old leaving Grove Elementary after the school says she having an uncontrollable tantrum in class.

But according to her mother, the girl’s disability makes it difficult to communicate.

“She’s just not able to communicate that due to her disability. She can only tell you bits and pieces. Mommy, they locked the door, they wouldn’t let me out. Mommy, they gave me a shot.”

Grove Elementary called the police to escort Nadia to a mental hospital. Although she was riled up in class, the video shows Nadia and the police officer having a pleasant and calm exchange.

Falk says the school never called to notify her.

According to their attorney, they’re planning to file a civil lawsuit and Nadia will not be attending the school any longer.

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