Locker room video shows New Mexico football coach accused of stealing from player


GALLUP, NM (KRQE) – New video gives insight into the accusations that a high school football coach stole money from one of his players. A parent of one of the students contacted police about the crime that was caught on camera.

The now-former football coach John Roanhaus at Gallup’s Miyamura High School was arrested earlier this month on burglary and larceny charges for allegedly taking money from one of his own players.

“So the evidence in this case was a…video recording or Mr. Roanhaus entering the locker room,” Dusty Francisco with State Police said after his arrest.

The Department of Public Safety on Friday released that video from Oct. 2, in which a student is seen setting up the camera in the locker room. About five minutes later, Roanhaus walks in and even approaches the camera, but doesn’t seem to notice it.

He moves out of view before he’s finally seen digging into a player’s backpack and ruffling through a black wallet. The arrest warrant states he took two $20 bills, which he appears to be sliding in his sock.

Right as he’s about to leave, the same player recording his coach walks in. Rosenhaus rushed to pretend to be talking on the phone. They left together. A while later, the player came back to the camera to see what had happened.

At Roanhaus’ court appearance on Wednesday, his attorney claimed his client was only taking back money that was stolen from him. KRQE News 13 reached out to the school district and Roanhaus’s attorney for a comment, but have not heard back.

His next court appearance next month will determine whether there is enough evidence to go to trial.

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