Los Angeles police respond to large party at Beverly Hills mansion reportedly held for NFL player


LOS ANGELES (WBTW) — Los Angeles police responded to a large party at a Beverly Hills mansion that was reportedly held for an NFL player, according to CBS Los Angeles.

A man working security for the event told CBS Los Angeles the party was being held for an NFL player. The player was not identified.

The party was thrown at a mansion in the 13000 block of Mulholland Drive Monday evening.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the mansion is an AirB&B property and was rented out for the party. The company managing the rental property said the renters were told they were violating the rental agreement and were asked to leave the property.

CBS Los Angeles reports that even though large gatherings are prohibited due to COVID-19, police were unable to break up the party without a warrant. Police were there for noise control and traffic control.

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