LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A white man accused of accelerating his car and yelling at a Black family in what police called a racial-motivated fight now faces new charges connected to a threat to kill Black people in a mass shooting.

Hunter Holman, 27, faces several hate-related charges linked to several incidents, documents said.

Las Vegas Metro police responded on July 9 to a reported stabbing near the Marriot Grand Chateaux near the Las Vegas Strip. A witness said he saw a man, later identified as Holman, driving a car on Harmon Avenue and yelling “racial slurs to a group of Black people” that were walking on the sidewalk, officers said.

A man stabbed Holman during the attack to protect his family, documents said. Surveillance video of the incident showed Holman accelerating toward the group, getting out of his car and charging at them, police said.

Holman was arrested on July 29 on charges of assault with the use of a deadly weapon motivated by bias or hatred toward [a] victim, as well as child abuse or neglect, records showed. He denied using any racial slurs and said “he was having a bad day,” according to the documents.

Then, last week, authorities in Arkansas notified police about Holman allegedly threatening Black people with an AR-15 at a fitness center in Little Rock, documents said.

Investigators also think that Holman made several racially motivated threats in Las Vegas since at least last summer. He allegedly made threats to a former employer in June, using a racial slur and death threats, documents said. Then, in February, detectives think Holman called a hotel and threatened to kill someone with his rifle, police said.

While investigators were talking to a victim at the hotel, Holman reportedly called back and made offensive remarks to the employee, stating that “he was the grand master,” police said.

Investigators said they also learned that Holman had reportedly stayed at another hotel in the Las Vegas area where an employee claimed that he left a goat head in the freezer with an “extensive collection of knives,” police said. The employee also said Holman “invited [the employee] to join his group, stating he is the king of the KKK.”

“Based on Holman’s course of conduct, it is apparent he displayed hate/bias toward people of color, specifically Black subjects, and has demonstrated the ability to carry violence against them demonstrated by his attack in July 2022,” detectives wrote in the documents.

Metro police arrested Holman last Thursday, and he faces two new charges of hate/bias crime, records showed. He paid a surety bond and was released from custody.

An attorney listed for Holman did not immediately return a request for comment.