BERWICK, Maine (WJW) — A mom from Berwick, Maine, wants to warn others — especially parents — after her 9-month-old daughter accidentally swallowed a water bead. It led to five surgeries for little Kennedy Mitchell.

Folichia Mitchell, who documented her story on TikTok, said she bought the water beads under the Chuckle & Roar brand from Target.

Her daughter swallowed the water bead in late October. It swelled inside her intestine, creating a blockage.

They didn’t know that until they got to the hospital.

Folichia said they went to the hospital on Nov. 1 because Kennedy wasn’t feeling well. Kennedy had emergency surgery to remove the bead but then got an infection that led to four more surgeries.

She was in the hospital for four weeks.

Mitchell said she bought the water beads for her 9-year-old son and she thinks Kennedy found one on the floor that he had accidentally dropped.

She’s pushing for more warnings for water beads. You can see a link to her petition here.

FOX 8 reached out to Chuckle & Roar and Target for comment.

“We’re aware of this tragic situation and send our heartfelt sympathy to this child and her family. Target requires our vendors to comply with all product safety standards, and all state, federal and local laws,” the company said in a statement. “We have removed the product from stores and while we review the situation with the vendor.”

According to poison control, water beads are responsible for one known death, a 6-month-old boy who suffered a bowel blockage. They report the child had the water bead removed but suffered an infection, like Kennedy.

There are other reports of children who have been hospitalized after ingesting a water bead.

What are water beads?

Water beads are made from superabsorbent polymers. When exposed to fluids such as water, they can absorb and retain hundreds of times their weight in water.

The beads can increase their size by 150 to 1500 times after exposure to water, according to poison control. Some of these beads are the size of a marble initially and can expand to the size of a tennis ball after they are exposed to water.

What are water beads used for?

Water beads were initially used for plants, to maintain soil moisture. Currently, they are marketed as sensory toys for children.