NEW YORK (WNCT) — What do 10 contestants, thousands of lasers and $250,000 have in common? They are all a part of MrBeast’s latest YouTube video.

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The Greenville resident went to the Big Apple for his latest sure-to-be-a-big-hit video. He got 10 contestants whose goal was to get through a variety of mazes and challenges all guarded by thousands of lasers moving and spiraling throughout each challenge.

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Get to the end and $250,000 was all theirs. Easy, right? No way. MrBeast called the first challenge the easiest, but three of the 10 contestants ran into a laser and were eliminated.

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Kind of surprisingly, though, the second maze seemed to be easier for the remaining contestants than anticipated. However, in true MrBeast fashion, that wasn’t exactly the case. And from there, things just got more difficult for those who advanced.

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It’s one of his longest videos yet, clocking in at nearly 27 minutes. But all the twists and turns from not only the movements of the contestants but the drama makes it go pretty fast.

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