Police: 14-year-old girl uses Snapchat to escape her kidnappers


SAN JOSE, Calif. (CNN) – A 14-year-old girl in California used Snapchat to escape three alleged kidnappers after she was sexually assaulted.

Authorities say the girl met with a 55-year-old man who allegedly drugged her. According to the victim, two more men showed up and helped put her into a car against her will. She says she was sexually assaulted and then taken to a motel where she says she was sexually assaulted a second time.

The girl used the Snapchat app to tell her friends that she had been kidnapped. Her friends determined her location through the app, which she had previously chosen to share with them, and called 911.

Police arrested 55-year-old Albert Thomas Vasquez at the hotel. He was charged with kidnapping to commit rape, false imprisonment, and other sex charges.

Thirty-four year old Antonio Quirino Salvador and 31-year-old Hediberto Gonzalez Avarenga were taken into custody the following day and charged with kidnapping and conspiracy.

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