Prowler seen near sleeping infant on house cam


VALLEJO, CA (CNN) – A family was robbed while they were sleeping, and their surveillance camera system captured the intruder in their house.

The camera footage shows the intruder just feet from their sleeping baby. The intruder was in and out of the home several times, taking a laptop, iPad, sneakers and a cell phone.

“And that’s when I freaked out, because my sister sent us the video from that camera that — you can see my nephew in bed and he was like looking in,” said Schendelle Bohulano, an aunt of the children.

Schendelle’s sister and her children were inside the home sleeping around 7 a.m. on Sunday. Her sister’s husband had just left the house. Her 4-year-old niece was in the next room over from her. “I was like you can take everything away, just don’t be near my niece and my nephew,”

The suspect went over a gate, into the backyard and then through a window before yanking the wires to some of the cameras inside, but not all of them.

“Her husband was checking up on them through the cameras and he asked, he was like, was there an earthquake or something?” Schendelle said. “And then he was, like, well where’s my desktop. And then my sister’s, like, oh my God, we got robbed.”

The family dog usually barks but for some reason, it didn’t this time. Schendelle says her sister and husband plan to get a bigger dog.

In the last 24 hours, they installed noisy window and door sensors, after a very frightening wakeup call.

Vallejo police say there have not been any arrests so far and are asking anyone with information to contact them.

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