Records set as Arctic Blast sweeps across the country


(CBS/WBTW) – The frigid cold has set frigid temperature records from Texas to New England. CBS News’ Johny Fernandez took a look at how people across the country are handling the Arctic Blast.

Pilots, landing in New Orleans, were struggling with the high winds.

Drivers are also seeing the impact of the wild weather taking over much of the nation.

Sleet-slicked roads caused a 50-car pileup near Youngstown, Ohio. Two people were critically injured.

And on the water, a dramatic boat rescue was caught on camera in New England. Three students from the University Of Maine became stuck while conducting field work in freezing conditions.

“They put their boat in in an area of town that’s pretty shady to put a boat in and they were unable to get it out,” said Capt. Mike Hildreth, with the Old Town Fire Department.

A time-lapse video from Albany, New York shows how quickly some areas were consumed by the arctic blast.

But, it’s not just the usual locations freezing over. In Nashville, some residents and their pets are celebrating the arrival of snow.

In Dallas, powerlines snapped in the high winds just as temperatures dipped more than 30 degrees in 24 hours.

Transportation officials in San Antonio even resorted to closing several sections of highway in order to treat, and re-treat frozen roads.

In the News13 area, people woke up to temperatures close to, or below, freezing with feel-like temperatures in the teens for many communities.

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