U-Haul van caught on camera stealing outgoing mail in East Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Ring cameras and other security videos are catching a lot of activity lately, especially in East Nashville, where a homeowner saw a U-Haul truck drive up and steal their mail in broad daylight.

In the video, at first, you might think it could be a mail truck of some sort. But it turns out it’s a U-Haul van rented, as it says, for about $20 an hour.

The van drives up to the East Nashville mailbox with the red flag up for outgoing mail, stops, takes the mail, and drives off.

Several others on and near Greenland Avenue report the same U-Haul stealing their outgoing mail, too. One resident tells News 2 that’s why she takes her mail to the post office.

“That is very scary. People have very important pieces of mail they’re expecting to receive and also that they’re sending out including checks,” Danette Mahabeer said.

In this case, the culprit got some checks. Over off Fleet Drive in Hermitage Thursday morning,
a pickup truck was caught on camera taking what was inside another mailbox.

“I took it out around 10 a.m., and then by 10:27 it was gone. I came out here to check on the mail later, the neighbor said ‘Hey the mailman just got here, he hasn’t checked the mail yet.’ I said ‘Well, my flags down’ and he said ‘well he hasn’t picked up the mail yet.’ So I immediately went in to check my cameras,” Perry Shealy told News 2.

That’s when he spotted a white truck drive up just after he had put out a pair of shoes he sold on eBay.

“The guy had just, broad daylight, grabs the package and drives out,” Shealy explained. “Got himself some used shoes, jokes on him!”

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