Universal Studios Hollywood unveils new Wizarding World of Harry Potter nighttime show


HOLLYWOOD (WFLA/CNN Newsource) – The Wizards at Universal Studios Hollywood have cooked up some new magic to wow audiences at a nighttime show.

The dark arts are taking over in a new projection show at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

“Combining state of the art projection mapping technology with an immersive 360 degree audio soundscape, and stunning lighting,” said Stephen Siercks, senior director of entertainment production.

“The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle celebrates those darker undertones of the Wizarding World, and guests are going to be introduced to characters such as Aragog, the Dementors, Deatheaters and even Lord Voldemort himself.”

The show includes a bit of Hollywood magic.

“We’re introducing some new effects to embrace and enhance that storytelling and guest experience,” said Siercks.

“Fog is going to roll off of the castle and through the town of Hogsmeade, fire is going to leap off the castle surface, and in a new and unique way we’re going to be portraying Harry’s stag in a way that you’ll have to see to believe.”

That way is what can only be described as a squadron of drones, forming Harry Potter’s Patronus charm in the skies above the park.

The show is in the midst of a limited engagement in southern California, with plans to expand it to Universal Studios Orlando in the future.

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