BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) — Police officers see all kinds of unusual behavior during traffic stops, but one man suspected of drunken driving is making headlines after trying to prove his sobriety by doing a backflip.

A police officer in Broadview Heights, Ohio, pulled over Tanner Watson, 27, for speeding. Watson conceded that he had drank three or four beers while out drinking with his friends, but the officer suspected it was more.

“Your driving’s pretty bad, your eyes are super glossy … I can smell booze coming from you, so I want to run some sobriety tests on you,” an officer can be heard saying on video.

The officer noted that Watson appeared to have trouble with the first sobriety test, and when he directed him to walk a straight line, Watson volunteered to do his own version of a sobriety test — a standing backflip.

In the video, Watson became argumentative after the officer told him that his acrobatic move didn’t prove that he was sober.

“So I’m asking you what do you want me to do as a straight line,” Watson says in the video. “Do I have to raise my voice even higher?”

In the video, the officer appears to grow tired of arguing with Watson about his instructions for walking a straight line.

“Alright … turn around and place your hands behind your back, OK?” the officer says.

Watson was arrested on a charge of operating a vehicle while impaired and cited for speeding, but he contested the officer’s conclusion that he was intoxicated.

After his arrest, Watson said he was disappointed that he couldn’t convince the officer that he was sober.

Watson was released on bond after appearing in court on Thursday.