VIDEO: Florida police helicopter spots large crowd blocking busy beachside street


DAYTONA BEACH (WFLA) — Deputies flew over a popular road in Daytona Beach where hundreds of people were gathered around a car dancing and catching cash thrown from the sunroof.

Helicopter video was released by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, which appeared to be assisting the Daytona Beach Police Department with crowd control near Ocean Walk Saturday.

“Traffic is completely shut down with probably 200 people in the middle of the road,” a voice from the helicopter said over radio. “Trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s people, looks like they’re climbing on top of a car.”

The camera zoomed in for a better look.

“It looks like that white car, there’s two people out the sun roof throwing money, they’re clearly throwing cash at the crowd.”

The camera zooms out a couple times and shows the traffic that has been backed up because of the large gathering.

At one point, a deputy or officer is heard over the radio wondering if he just heard gunshots.

“Hold on a second, was that a shot fired down here, or what? Somebody talk to us.”

Another person replied, “I think so, a lot of people are starting to run right at Ocean Walk.”

Another voice enters the exchange to dismiss the matter.

“Confirming it was NOT a shot, it was a car backfiring twice. It was not a shot.”

The Daytona Beach Police Dept. said on Twitter that the crowds were compliant Saturday night when asked to disperse. The department added that no arrests were made.

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