TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa’s “Strip Club King” Joe Redner called his security guard a hero after he stopped a masked gunman who tried to enter one of his establishments.

Police said Michael Rudman, 44, tried to enter the infamous Mons Venus nightclub at about 1:15 a.m. Sunday with a loaded handgun and many rounds of ammunition.

Security video shows a fast-acting security guard, Manny Resto, knocking the weapon out of Rudman’s hand and then fighting with him to keep him away from the gun and out of the night club.

“Manny is a hero. Manny did what all of us would like to think what we would do, but we don’t know,” Redner, the club’s well-known and controversial owner said.

Redner says employees like Resto are like family to him and have worked with him for more than 30 years. He credits Resto with saving many lives.

“It’s what kind of guy he is, that’s why he’s been working for me all that time. I pay him really well, I pay all of the security really well and they do a good job,” Redner said.

Tampa police said there were more than 200 people inside the club on the night of the incident, but they are unsure what Rudman’s motives were.

Redner believes he wanted to kill as many people as possible.

“He’s coming to where the most people are so he can kill more people,” said Redner who added he’s concerned what will happen if the Florida legislature passes an open carry law for weapons.

“We have this pistol packing mama state here, where our Governor is even open carry, it’s going to be carnage on the streets, and he won’t go where there’s a gun,” Redner added.

After the security team contained Rudman, he was arrested by police who soon learned he had a history of domestic violence arrests and had been detained for mental health evaluation under Florida’s “Baker Act”. There had been court orders preventing him for owning weapons.

After Rudman was arrested in Tampa, law enforcement officers in Largo obtained a search warrant and entered his apartment.

“There was probably 30 cruisers and a big forensics van and it was a big deal and they evacuated us all,” Jane Bluto, who lives next door, said.

Bluto took photos that show police in tactical gear preparing to enter Rudman’s apartment.

“The landlord gave them a key and they blew the windows out and they sent a drone in. I just think they thought, perhaps, it was booby trapped,” Bluto said.

Almeatha Capehart also lives in the complex and says Rudman appeared to have problems, but was never violent in any way.

“He looks like he had an impairment, but he was quiet,” Capehart said.

Both women are just thankful Rudman is currently being held in jail without bond.

“He’s no bond and that makes us all very happy,” Bluto said.