DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Oklahoma police are looking for two people who allegedly became so enraged after getting the wrong order at a Sonic drive-thru that one shattered the glass front door.

“They were upset over their order,” said Maj. Mike Arterbury with the Del City Police Department. “They could just call the corporate office and go about it that way, which would be the more civil way.”

Police say the incident started over the wrong sauce on an order of Sonic chicken tenders. The driver handed her food back to the Del City Sonic employee and pointed to the receipt after an exchange of words.

“The store eventually said, ‘Hey, we are refusing you service,'” Major Arterbury said.

Minutes later, the food chain’s manager threw the cash back into the car and asked repeatedly for the pair to leave.

The woman in the driver’s seat unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the red Nissan Altima.

She started yelling at the employees and allegedly tried to get in through the side door.

Then, surveillance video shows a man in the passenger seat hop out and start punching the window.

The woman tries to drag the man away, but he breaks free, coming right back to demand his food.

Meanwhile, the employees of the Sonic Drive-In locked the building down. Just when they thought it was all clear, the man is caught on camera reaching down onto the floor board and chucking a glass bottle straight at them, shattering the front door of the building.

The two customers then left. Now, Del City detectives are on the hunt, ready to press charges.

“It will be destruction of private property,” Arterbury said.

Del City police say no one was hurt.

Investigators said the car behind the suspects chased after them and reported the license plate to 911.