MONROE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Police bodycam footage was released by the Monroe Police Department of councilmember Angelia James on September 9, 2021, during a disturbance call at the Fairfield Inn.

James told the police there was a felon in the hotel and the police needed to arrest them. She also told police that God told her this information.

“September 9, 2021, Angelia James suffered an episode of delirium which caused her to behave in a way she has never behaved before,” said the attorney representing Angelia James.

A removal hearing to remove James from the council is underway. A rare hearing in government, but one that can be used if city officials feel the conduct may prevent a person from completing duties they were elected to do.

“Councilmember James engaged in a series of acts that constitute misconduct in office the consequence of which justifies the removal of her position of power,” added the attorney representing the city.

Attorneys for the city says James telling certain officers they would be fired or promoted is a violation of the city code of ethics. Angelia James did this as she identified herself as a city council member and one officer said the council member assaulted him by trying to take his badge.

“How would you describe that contact, was it in an aggressive manner, in a playful manner,” an attorney asked Rhett Bolen, captain with the Monroe Police Department. “I would describe it as aggressive,” said Bolen.

Much of the testimony for the first day was from Monroe police officers. Attorneys for Angelia James says the city is targeting one day in the time Angelia James has been serving the city of Monroe as a councilmember. Each officer agreed they knew James was not able to fire, promote or demote them, but they also knew she was running for mayor and could have a certain influence.

“If she was elected mayor and she said she had the votes to remove me,” said J. Bryan Gillard, chief of the Monroe Police Department. “Then she would have the votes to appoint a new city manager and I knew what that would mean for me.”