(WSYR-TV) – One of the most asked questions we have received here at News13 concerns whether or not Social Security recipients will get the $1,200 checks being sent to everyone.

Our sister station WSYR checked with New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s office and he says yes.

According to his staff, anyone who has a Social Security number is eligible to receive a check, if, as an individual, you earn less than $75,000 a year. A married couple is eligible for a $2,400 check if they earn less than $150,000. People above those limits will get less based on their income.

How do you get it?

The IRS will pay you based on your 2019 tax returns. If you haven’t yet filed for 2019, they will use your 2018 returns.

Many who have reached out say their income is low enough where the IRS does not require them to file a return, so they wonder how will they get their money.

Here’s where everyone involved is still working out the details.

According to Senator Schumer’s office, non-filers may have to file a return for 2019, but we are awaiting guidance from the Internal Revenue Service as to what exactly people who did not file 2018/2019 tax returns will need to do.

We do not know when we will get that guidance from the IRS.

When will you get your money?

Uncertain at this time, the White House says the money should start going out in three weeks. Other experts say it could take a lot longer.

A couple of caveats.

As of this writing, only the U.S. Senate has approved it. The House of Representatives still needs to approve the plan before it is sent to President Trump for his signature.

Also, remember, details on how it is implemented may change.