MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) In a corner of a world filled with super heroes and super villains a message of faith and hope combined two worlds at XCON World 9 in Myrtle Beach.

“I went to a high school youth event because a girl I liked was going to it and that was literally the start of my spiritual journey,” Pastor Hector Miray said.

It’s a journey that led him to today where he preaches a very unique message of faith and fanhood. The title on his business card appropriately says “Your Friendly Neighborhood Pastor.”

The service is called Nerd Church.  Organizors say it’s the only worship service they know of at a comic con gathering.

Hector says his sermons from the Bible are filled with comic book analogies. It’s a way of connecting faith and geek culture that’s encouraging and positive.

From Darth Vader to Princess Leia, of father to daughter and families of heroes dressed from Spidey to Hulk.

“That’s honestly what most comic cons are about is finding things that you connect with,” Miray said.

Amidst classics of yore and paintings anew, one man finds this unique way in a unique time to spread the good word.

“I’ve been going to comic cons for years and never found anything that represented the faith atmosphere at all,” Miray said.

Now the pastor from Lumberton and Pembroke is using the teachings of the Bible connected with stories and themes from comics and movies.

“Inside of us is this destructive force sometimes,” Miray said of the Incredible Hulk story. “Some people call it sin and anger whatever you want to call it.”

His congregation receptive as he speaks to things they know well.

“He literally rebooted the entire universe just to save them,” Miray said.

A Doctor Who analogy paired next with imagry from The Dark Knight.

“He spent eight years holed up in that mansion being Bruce Wayne and not doing the one thing that he knew what he was called to do,” Miray said.

Whether an era where punches said POW or maybe a “Darker Knight” of Modern Day, it’s common spiritual principle that connects this preacher to costumes of all sorts.

“How many of you have ever been in a place where you literally didn’t know what was coming next and it really worried you,” Miray asks the audience.

A spiritual journey complete with Superheroes now serving as sidekicks to a higher message of faith.

“It’s my life, it’s my everything, everything I do I try to do for the glory of God and to bring him honor,” Miray said. “It’s what everything revolves around for me. It’s the center of my perspective.”

Miray spends time as a Pastor at Verticle Church in Lumberton and Pembroke.

He has also written multiple books about finding God in Geek Culture.  They are available on Click here to visit the Faith & Fanhood Facebook Page