New app aims to bring neighborhoods together


PROVIDENCE RI (WPRI) — A new social media app is helping neighbors connect with each others both online and outside. In more than 95,000 neighborhoods, Nextdoor is being used to allow residents to get our information to people in their area.

Providence resident Ryan Donnell said 75 people of all backgrounds in his neighborhood are on the app. “You have people like me,” said Donnell, a self-described older millennial without kids. “A lot of retirees and older families, and so they all have different needs.”

Message boards on the app allow residents to communicate about anything from public safety to garage sales. “It’s just a great interaction with all sorts of people,” Donnell added. For safety reasons, the app will force you to verify your address when signing up to ensure you are truly talking to neighbors.

Nextdoor is free to use. Click here to learn more.

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